Memories, sentiments, hard work associated with your valuables can be secured using tag8. An immediate alert triggered within our network of partners and our Finder Reward Program has registered a return of over 80% on several categories of lost valuables.


  • Finder Reward Program

    We value the honesty and integrity of the Finder and offer rewards for returning the valuables to its rightful owner. We offer sponsored gifts, tag8 products and a recognition certificate as rewards to the Finder. We also encourage owners to offer an optional monetary reward to the Finder.

  • Lifetime Service

    Our lost & found service, including the Finder Reward Program, is valid for the life of the tag. Our website, mobile application and customer support desk are available 24X7 to promptly respond to lost or found reports.

  • Worldwide Cover

    By using tag8, your valuable becomes a part of the leading global lost & found network. Once a valuable is reported found, tag8 will take the following actions to ensure that the valuable is returned to the owner in the quickest possible time:

  • Theft-deterrence

    Our tags have been prominently displayed the Owner ID and Finder Reward Program. This increases the probability of the Finder taking the initiative to return. Ownership details also help law enforcement agencies verify and reach the owner with ease.

  • Simple, Easy & Cost-effective

    We simplify securing ownership of your valuables in 2 easy steps ie attaching the tags to your valuables and registering them with us. On being intimated of your valuable being found, we manage the rest for you, from coordinating with the Finder, logistics of return to rewarding the Finder. Our service is simple, easy & cost-effective.

  • Privacy and confidentiality

    We ensure you and the Finder only interact with our professional team. The tag’s Owner ID ensures your identity remains confidential. Finders who are skeptical of dealing with Owners directly also find comfort in our Confidentiality promise, increasing chances of your valuable being returned.

  • Manage Product Warranty

    Your tag8 account dashboard will also help you manage warranties of multiple products, receive expiry alerts and trigger warranty claims. Enjoy the convenience of having an Authorised Service Provider contact you.


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