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genie Smart Tag

Traditional pet tags tend to be noisy & bulky; they fade quickly and are at a risk of getting caught in things, and getting damaged or lost, genie overcomes these drawbacks with its permanent grade epoxy tags.

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DOLPHIN Smart Tracker

DOLPHIN Smart Tracker is arguably the World’s most compact, high range and efficient, Bluetooth tracker. You could use DOLPHIN to secure your daily routine valuables such as wallet, phone, key, gadgets and also to secure your travel items such as passport, bag, and camera. Pet parent can also secure their pet. Simply pair your phone (IOS or Android) with the tag8 DOLPHIN Smart Tracker and ‘Make Finding Smarter’. DOLPHIN helps you find your valuable when misplaced, or alerts you if you are leaving it behind, or is moving away from you. In case your valuable is out of range, you can view the last recorded GPS location or mark your valuable as lost, to activate community search. Every phone running tag8 tracker app joins in, to help you find it. So, while you are occupied in your pursuits, tag8 ensures that your valuables are secured. Trusted with over 0.7 million registered valuables. DOLPHIN doubles up to replace a selfie stick; just click it to capture some of your most memorable moments.