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Dolphin Camera Gear Security

2499 1995

  • Efficient Smart Tag - Secure your valuables with our smart tracker. There is (Bluetooth Low Energy) BLE-based mini tracking device that gives a GPS live location when your mobile device is within the tracker’s range. The DOLPHIN Tracker app shows the last seen location when out of range. It works with Android & apple smartphones.
  • Easy Lost Camera Gadget Retrieval - We help you find & reunite your camera accessories through our Global Track & Trace Service. A finder can scan the QR code on your camera bag or accessory and contact our customer support or the owner directly.
  • Simple activation process -The camera security gear consists of 8 scannable QR stickers and a smart bluetooth tracker. The activation step is relatively easy; pair and connect the bluetooth tag to the Dolphin Tracker app on the phone, the remaining 8 tags are then automatically activated.
  • Easy to tag -The smart scannable labels come with strong adhesive which conforms to any surface of your digital DSLR camera, video camera, lenses, remote, gimbal, battery, card case, Stand , bags, charger & other accessories. it works with Nikon, Canon, Sony & other cameras.
  • Smart Camera Security Gear - A unique way to ensure your camera gear & accessories are easy to find, if lost. It does not comes with any monthly subscription & also makes a perfect gift for your professional photographer friend or buddy.


Designed with care for use on a broad range of camera gears. DOLPHIN Camera Gear Security Tag includes 8 smart QR tags and a DOLPHIN Smart Tracker that you can attach to your most valuable camera accessories such as a camera, lens, LED torch, kit bag, and more. Connect your camera accessories to tag8, the world's largest and most trusted global track & trace service. Please Download the Dolphin Tracker App on Android or IOS to register the tag8 DOLPHIN Smart Tracker. Contact our customer support at +919029008248 if you have any queries regarding DOLPHIN Tracker. Steps to activate QR Camera Gear Security Tag : 1.Update your Name and Mobile number in the Dolphin Tracker app. 2. Scan & connect the Smart Tracker to Dolphin Tracker app.

Important Information
It is essential to register the tags in order to activate them.

Color Yellow
Weight 2.5 grams
Dimensions 35 mm x 24 mm
Contains genie Smart Tag and Lobster Hook

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