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Digital Tag- Phone Recovery Tag

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  • Track Your Lost Phone - Real time Location, Alert Notification, 24x7 Customer Support
  • Track Unauthorized Access- AI Enabled, Intruder image, Smart Police Evidence, Ring Your Device
  • Pickup & Delivery - One Click Return Option, Finder Reward,
  • Featured in NDTV by Tech Guru Rajiv Makhni


The Phone Recovery Tag by tag8, a Global Lost and Found Recovery Service, is a phone tracking & anti theft product. As reviewed by NDTV's Tech Guru Rajiv Makhni, the tag with the help of the Digital Tag Android app activates stealth mode automatically whenever unauthorized activity is detected. Be it anywhere in the world, you know your phone is now secured & can be returned with our "One Click Return" option.

Important Information
Digital Tag App needs to be installed for service to be activated Note: App will track your phone only when it is in lost mode to ensure your privacy. "Lost mode" is activated when unusual activity is detected or user activates it from the web account

Dimensions 1. Height - 3 cm
2. Width - 3 cm
3. Thickness- 3 cm
Weight (Kg) 4.54 g

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