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Genuine Leather RFID Passport Finder Case Combo (Pack of 2)

3398 1999

  • 90%+ return rate for passports. If we don’t recover, we reimburse
  • 100% Genuine Leather with RFID Blocking Protection Prevent stealing of Personal Information.
  • Lifetime Lost & Found Service, 24X7 Customer Service for Lost Passport, Global Logistics Support
  • Passport Expiry Alert
  • Case protects passport from damage; accomodates 2 passports


tag8's Genuine Leather RFID Passport Finder Case Combo is a must have for all international travellers, acknowledged by several prestigious awards like FICCI travel tech award 2018, HDFC Bank Digital Summit 2017 and BMA emerging start-up award 2017. The passport finder case connects your passport to the World’s Largest and Most Trusted Global Lost & Found Recovery Service Network powered by tag8

Important Information
tag8 Passport Finder case needs to be registered for service to be activated. Simply call or message on WhatsApp +91 9029008248 to activate

color Black, Tan
Material 1. 100 % Genuine Leather
2. RFID Proof
3. tag8’s NFC chip embedded passport security tag
Dimensions 1. Height -14.2 cm
2. Width - 9.9 cm
3. Thickness- 14.2 cm
Weight (Kg) 99.8 g

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