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RFID Genuine Leather Passport Finder Case


  • 90%+ return rate for passports. If we don’t recover, we reimburse
  • 100% Genuine Leather with RFID Blocking Protection Prevent stealing of Personal Information.
  • Lifetime Lost & Found Service, 24X7 Customer Service for Lost Passport, Global Logistics Support
  • Passport Expiry Alert
  • Case protects passport from damage; accomodates 2 passports

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tag8's Premium Leather RFID Passport Finder case is a must have for all international travellers,acknowledged by several prestigious awards like FICCI Travel Tech Award 2018 ,HDFC Bank Digital Summit 2017 and BMA Emerging Start-Up Award 2017. The passport finder case connects your passport to the World’s Largest and Most Trusted Global Lost & Found Recovery Service Network powered by tag8.

Important Information
tag8 Passport Finder case needs to be registered for service to be activated. Simply call or message on WhatsApp +91 9029008248 to activate

color Black, Tan
Material 1. 100 % Genuine Leather
2. RFID Proof
3. tag8’s NFC chip embedded passport security tag
Dimensions 1. Height -14.2 cm
2. Width - 9.9 cm
3. Thickness- 14.2 cm
Weight (Kg) 99.8 g

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1. Price 999 1199 1699
2. Material Faux Leather Faux Leather Genuine Leather
3. Colours
4. NFC
5. RFID Proof
6. Passport Expiry Alert
7. Finder Reward Program
8. Customer Support 247
9. Doorstep Delivery