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tag8 Dolphin Smart Padlock (Pack of 2), TSA-Compliant Suitcase and Luggage Locks with Alarm, Keyless Bluetooth Suitcase Lock and Locker Lock, Unlock via Phone App, Android and iOS Compatible, Silver

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  • Keeps Your Valuables Safe - Secure your bags, lockers, bikes and other things with our Bluetooth smart padlock. This (Bluetooth Low Energy) BLE-based bag lock gives you a GPS live location of your items via the Dolphin Tracker mobile app. A separation alarm notifies you when it is out of range.
  • TSA-Compliant Bluetooth Padlock - No more broken travel locks! With these TSA luggage locks, screeners can check your bags in a snap. Our travel lock, which bears the “red diamond” mark accepted by TSA, has the required key slot. So, officers no longer have to break it open.
  • No Need for Keys or Codes - Always forgetting your lock combination or key? You won’t need them to open this suitcase lock. To unlock it, just pair the small padlock with the DOLPHIN Tracker app on your Android or iOS device. Alternatively, you may use the Morse code back-up access of this backpack lock.
  • Long Battery Life -It takes up to 1,000 uses (locking and unlocking) before this keyless smart lock needs recharging (standby time lasts 3 months). No need to replace the battery of your luggage lock anytime soon!
  • Built to Last - We use durable alloy steel and zinc for the body of our smart locks for luggage and steel cable for the shackle. The suitcase locks are tamper-proof and water-resistant, so you can lock and track your items with ease.
  • Separation Alarm currently unavailable in iOS.


Keep your valuables safe inside your bag and always know where your luggage is with tag8’s DOLPHIN Smart Padlock. This sleek, modern luggage safety padlock doesn’t need a key or combination! A TSA-compliant Bluetooth lock, it is designed based on mandated standards. So, you don’t have to worry about ending up with broken locks after an inspection. No More Misplaced Items Similar to a GPS tracker, our BLE-based backpack locks give the GPS live location of your valuables. To activate this feature, just pair each lock with the DOLPHIN Tracker App. If the tracker is out of range, the app provides the last seen location. Designed with an Alarm System When paired with your phone via Bluetooth, this keyless padlock serves as a wireless tracker for your luggage, bikes and other assets. If by any chance you leave your item behind or it gets separated from you, the lock’s separation alarm would automatically go off. Durable Lock for Your Assets Our durable luggage lock also helps secure your backpack, briefcase, handbag, sport kit bag, locker, bicycle and even your door. The standby mode lasts 3 months. You can use it up to 1,000 times before recharging the battery. Mark As Lost Feature Missing a valuable with a DOLPHIN Lock? Mark it as "Lost” on your app, and the lock will broadcast a signal. Once the signal is scanned by another DOLPHIN Padlock user within range, the GPS location will be sent to you. Make Finding Smarter At tag8, we have adopted technologies ranging from QR Code to BLE and GPS location tracking to developing various applications for securing your valuables. Our smart products combine the benefits of security tags and baggage trackers. They help safeguard your valuables while making them easy to locate. Track your valuables easily with tag8’s DOLPHIN Smart Padlock!

Important Information
It is essential to register the tags in order to activate them.

Color Silver
Weight 40.8 grams
Dimensions 32 x 8 x 72 MM
Special Feature Bluetooth Padlock

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