genie Smart Tag

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  • Find missing pet : Get an instant email notification as soon as the Finder scans the QR code.
  • Access emergency information : Finder gets access to the pet’s medical information and the pet parent’s contact details.
  • Important alerts and reminders : Set vaccination, deworming, grooming and other alerts.
  • Access Finder’s GPS : Get the GPS location where the scan took place by logging into our website.
  • Manage pet profile digitally : Create and update a full digital profile of your pet in the genie Smart Tag website, including photos, contact information, vaccinations, allergies and medical history.
  • Multiple contacts : Store multiple contact details of pet parents and caretakers.
  • Missing pet poster : Automatically generate a lost pet poster to share with friends and neighbours via social media.
  • Affordable and durable : Scratch and water-resistant coating.
  • Mobile friendly : Quick and easy online registration.


Traditional pet tags tend to be noisy & bulky; they fade quickly and are at a risk of getting caught in things, and getting damaged or lost, genie overcomes these drawbacks with its permanent grade epoxy tags.

Important Information
It is essential to register the tags in order to activate them.

Color Yellow
Weight 2.5 grams
Dimensions 35 mm x 24 mm
Contains genie Smart Tag and Lobster Hook