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tag8 Dolphin Smart Bag Tracker (Genuine Leather) - Wireless Bluetooth Anti-Lost Anti-Theft Alarm Device Tracker with Separation alarm and Location tracking | Switch to Smart Finder for luggage bag, Bagpack, Laptop bag, Suitcase and other bags


  • tag8 DOLPHIN Smart Tracker - arguably the World’s most Premium and efficient, Bluetooth Tracker with Location Tracking and Anti-Lost Alarm System ( Approx., 60ft Range).
  • Unique QR Code - With a ‘If Found, Scan QR to Return’ message. On finding the lost bag, the Finder can scan the QR code to connect with Owner.
  • WorldTracer Code -Embedded to track bags at over 2,800+ airports Smart Bag Tracker can be attached to a suitcase, trolley bag, laptop bag, backpack, trunk, sports kit or any other bag
  • Approx. Bluetooth Range line of sight -250ft and Non line of sight- 30ft.
  • Ultra Long Battery Life -30 months and Alarm sound is 98dB.
  • Please Download App on Android or IOS to connect the tag8 dolphin Smart Bag Tracker.


tag8’s DOLPHIN Smart Bag Tracker is an elegant leather bag tracker that can be attached to a suitcase, trolley bag, laptop bag, backpack, trunk, sports kit or any other bag. Simply attach and track your bags through your smartphone. Whether you use your bag for daily commute or for domestic or overseas travel, DOLPHIN Smart Bag Tracker will help you to Make Finding Smarter. The tracker has a wide variety of features, ie separation alarm, last seen GPS location, community search feature, SITA WorldTracer Code, unique QR Code. Thus, if you ever forget your bag behind or someone tries to steal your bag, you will immediately get an alarm. Similar-ly, if the bag is out of your range, whether within the airport or outside, the features of the DOLPHIN Smart Bag Tracker makes it significantly easier for airport authorities or any other finder, to track and return the bag to you. tag8 has over 0.7 million registered valuables worldwide and has been acknowledged by several prestigious awards, including Retail Start-up of the Year Award 2021 from RAI, FICCI Travel Tech award 2018, HDFC Bank Digital Summit 2017 and BMA emerging start-up award 2017.

Important Information
It is essential to register the tags in order to activate them.

Color Tan
Weight 50 Grams
Dimensions 18.6 x 10.2 x 1.9 cm

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