Frequently Asked Questions

Lost & Found

WHY tag8?

1) Why do I need tag8?

In today’s fast paced life, it is common to lose valuables. The sense of loss is greater if there are memories, emotions, sentiments, hard work associated with the valuables or the loss leaves you totally stranded. tag8 has been launched with a Global Comprehensive Lost & Found Service Ecosystem to significantly increase the possibility of recovering & returning your lost valuables, whether during your international or domestic travel or in your day to day life.

tag8 combines the strength of security tags, baggage tracking WorldTracer Code used in airports across the globe, 24X7 Customer Support Desk, Finder Reward Programs and its partnerships with global logistics majors to ensure that valuables lost are returned in a simple, efficient and cost effective manner.

tag8 has sold over a million security tags to individuals and corporates and has over 80% rate of return across various valuables. tag8 has been awarded the FICCI Travel Tech LaunchPad Award 2018 and has in a short time emerged as a ‘travel essential’.

2) How does tag8 recover and return lost valuables?

tag8 has various products like the Passport Finder Case, Bag Security Tag, Key Security Tag, Starter Kit, Digital Phone Tag, etc. Each product comes with a tag with a unique alphanumeric ID and the message “If Found, Return for Reward”.

The lost & found process of tag8 operates as follows: –

  • Register/ Activate – To use tag8 products, one needs to simply attach or apply the tag to their valuable & register/ activate their tag with us. For details on how to register the tag, refer section "Registration/ activation of tags".
  • Reporting Loss – If you lose your valuable, you intimate tag8 about the loss.For details on how to report loss, refer section "Reporting Loss".
  • Reporting Find – Alternately, if someone finds your lost valuable, they can see the tag behind it with the message "If Found, Return for Reward" and contact tag8. For details on how to report find, refer section "Reporting Find".
  • Rewarding Finder – On receiving intimation of the lost valuable being found, tag8 rewards the Finder for their integrity under its Finder Reward Program.For details on Finders Reward, refer section "Reporting Find".
  • Arranging pick up & return – tag8 arranges for pick up of the lost valuable from the Finder anywhere in the world and delivers it back to you at your doorstep.
3) How does tag8 charge for its lost & found services?

tag8's products like Passport Finder Case, Bag Security Tag, Key Security Tag, Starter Kit, etc can be purchased by way of one-time payment at the MRP of the product. The cost of the product includes the lost & found recovery services provided by tag8. There is no annual subscription charge for the products except in case of some of our digital products such as the Digital Phone Tag.

In case of loss of an item, the cost of logistics for picking the lost valuable from the Finder and returning it to the Owner is charged to the Owner on an actual basis. For arranging such return, tag8 has tie ups with global logistics companies and therefore avails preferential rates for the logistics. Prior to incurring such cost, tag8 provides an estimate of the same to the Owner and takes prior approval.

tag8 does not charge any convenience fee for arranging the pick-up and delivery of lost valuables.

4) Can I put a self-made tag with my contact details on my valuables instead of using tag8?

Creating your own tag is possible. The advantage of tag8 is that the tags are water-proof, UV protected and use high-quality adhesive to ensure that the valuable is protected at the same time the tag doesn’t peel off.

In addition, tag8 provides the following advantages:

  • Finder Reward Program - incentivizes the Finder to return the lost product.
  • Lifetime Lost & Found Service - durable tags, 24X7 Customer Support Desk for the lifetime of the tag.
  • Worldwide Cover - worldwide tie ups to facilitate recovery and return of lost valuables.
  • Theft-deterrence - presence of tag deters one from stealing.
  • Simple, Easy & Cost-Effective
  • Privacy and confidentiality - does not divulge your personal contact information as each tag comes with a unique alphanumeric ID.


1) Does the security tag need to be activated?


To register, you need to sign up with tag8, which can be done through any of the following options:

  • Website @
  • Android app on playstore @ tag8.
  • 24X7 Customer Support Desk @ 9029008248.
  • Whatsapp us on 9029008248.
  • Scan the QR code on the tag
  • Google Assistant - 'Talk to Smart Tag'.
  • Amazon Alexa - 'Open Smart Tag'.

After signing up with tag8, to register you need to provide few basic information and your Unique Owner ID to tag8.

2) What information do I need to have ready for activating the tag?

The basic information required for activating tag is name, mobile number, alternate contact number, email id, unique Owner ID written on the tag. In case of passport, in addition, you need the passport number and passport expiry date.

Other recommended but optional information is as follows: –

  • For Bag Security Tag - type of bag (whether suitcase, handbag, backpack, etc), brand and colour.
  • For Key Security Tag - type of keys ie whether house keys, car keys, etc. In case of vehicle key - vehicle brand, model.
  • For Premium Starter Kit - details of the product – gadget or item, brand, specifications, colour and any other distinguishing factor.

More detailed information on the valuable significantly increases the ability to identify, track and also establish the Owner's credential vis-a-vis the Finder.

3) Can I change the information once its registered

Yes, you can change the information even after registration.

To change the basic information provided by you:

  • Login to your account on
  • On the top panel, you will see a tab "Hi, your name". Click on this tab.
  • 3 options appear - Profile, Change password, Logout.
  • Click on Profile and make the relavant changes.

To change the product specific information provided by you:

  • Login to your account on
  • Click on the tab "My Tags". It opens a page showing Active Tags.
  • Scroll down to the product for which you need to change the information.
  • On that product, on the right hand side, you will see the Owner ID and three dots
  • Click on the dots. An option appears to edit the information. Click on "Edit" and make the relevant changes.

We encourage you to sign into your account regularly and keep your contact information updated. You can also add new items to your list or update the status of individual items.

As a registered user, we advise you to regularly visit our pages on policy and product update. This will allow you to maximize your membership benefits with us.

4) What is a Unique Owner ID, where will I find it and what is its relevance?

Each product of tag8 comes with a Unique Owner ID. Owner ID is a 7 digit alphanumeric code (for example TGUD5MB), which is printed on the tag, just below the barcode. Please refer to the images. We register your valuable with us alongwith this Owner ID.

The presence of such Unique Owner ID on the tag helps maintain your privacy as you do not need to provide your contact information on your valuable. In case of loss of valuable, we are able to trace the valuable to you by matching the Unique Owner ID (on the lost valuable) provided by the Finder, with the customer record in our database.

5) How safe is my personal data with tag8 and does tag8 have the technology to locate the geo position of the valuables that have the tag?

Your data safety and security is of utmost importance to us. We will not share or provide access to anyone, unless it is required for a regulatory reason or sought by the law enforcement agencies. For a more detailed read on our data and privacy policy, kindly refer to the section on DATA PRIVACY at

Our digital phone tag for android phones has the provision to directly track the geo location. However, for all other products, the tag8 service relies on the integrity of the Finder, its Finder Reward Program and its network of partners to recover lost valuables as we believe our solution is more effective, practical, cost efficient and maintains privacy.

6) I am having problems activating my owner ID.

Your owner ID should have eight characters in alphanumeric combination. Make sure the characters are correctly entered. If you are still having problems to activate, please contact our 24X7 Customer Support Desk at 9029008248 or email us your owner ID at and we will contact you within 48hours.

7) How long does it take for activation of the tag after I have signed up and submitted the necessary details?

The tag gets activated immediately. You can proceed with using the tag8 product on your valuable immediately on registration.

You will also receive a confirmation intimation email as well as SMS on your registered email ID and registered mobile number, respectively. Typically the confirmation should reach you within 48 hours from the time of registration.

8) I have not got the confirmation email , what do I do?
  • Please wait until 48 hours from the time of registration to receive a confirmation intimation email on your registered email ID.
  • In case you have not received the intimation within 48 hours, please check the emails under the "Spam" folder.
  • If you still do not find an email from us, please contact us at Customer Support Desk @ 9029008248 and we shall manually send a confirmation email to you.
9) I haven’t got the confirmation SMS, what do I do?

Please wait until 48 hours from the time of registration to receive a confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number.

10) I just received my tag8 product and need to travel today itself. How can I expedite the activation?

The tag product is activated immediately on registration. You do not need any lead time. Simply activate and start using.

11) I have lost my valuable which had the tag on. However, I had forgotten to register the valuable with tag8. Can tag8 help me recover the lost valuable?

In case you can provide us with the unique Owner ID of the lost valuable, we can register your valuable with us with the help of the ID and register a Lost Report. In case the Finder contacts us on finding your lost valuable, we shall assist you with the recovery and return of the valuable.

However, in case you do not have the unique Owner ID of the lost valuable, unfortunately we cannot assist you with the recovery as we have no way of knowing that you are a legitimate customer of tag8.


1) Is the tag durable?

Yes, the tags have been scientifically designed to overcome practical challenges. The tags are:

  • Water-proof
  • UV protected
  • Coated with high-quality adhesive to ensure firm grip with your valuable and prevents peeling.
2) For how long is the tag valid?

The tag is valid for its lifetime.

3) What if my tag breaks or fades?

All tag8 products come with a one-year warranty. It is designed with sturdy material to endure frequent use and exposure to external conditions. In case the tag cracks, fades or breaks within this period, tag8 will replace the existing tag with a new tag on submission of the existing tag. You can do this by logging into your account and clicking on REPLACE TAG to get a free replacement. Please note your old tag ID will be deactivated from our system once you request a replacement tag.

4) Is the tag8 product transferable?

Yes, the tag8 product is transferable In case you transfer the ownership of your tagged valuable, the ownership of the tag can also be transferred. The new owner will activate the tag on his/her name. All you will be required to do is to approve the transfer through the click of a button from your own account.


1) How do I secure my passport with the Passport Finder Case?

For securing your passport, you only need to put your passport in the Passport Finder Case. Simply put the back side of the passport into the right side opening of the case. Be rest assured that the design has been created to ensure that the back side of the passport once put into the right side of the passport case will adequately be secured and will not fall out.

Do not put the entire passport into the right side opening. Please note that at most immigration points, you are required to pull out the passport from the case and hand it over to the authority.

You simply need to REGISTER the passport details and Unique Owner ID with us to ACTIVATE the Lost & Found service and start using the product.

2) What is your policy for reimbursement in case of loss of passport?

In case we are unable to recover your lost passport, we reimburse the cost of getting a new passport. For a passport issued by Indian authorities, the amount of reimbursement is equal to the actual cost of obtaining a new passport under the Tatkal Scheme. For passports issued by another country, our reimbursement is for the actual cost incurred in getting a new passport subject to a limit of Rs 10,000.

2) What is your policy for reimbursement in case of loss of passport?

In case we are unable to recover your lost passport, we reimburse the cost of getting a new passport. For a passport issued by Indian authorities, the amount of reimbursement is equal to the actual cost of obtaining a new passport under the Tatkal Scheme. For passports issued by another country, our reimbursement is for the actual cost incurred in getting a new passport subject to a limit of Rs 10,000.

In case of loss of a Family Passport Finder Case, the reimbursement policy would apply with respect to one passport ie the one that had been registered with tag8.

Documents to be submitted for claiming the reimbursement :

  • Documentary evidence of loss of passport (a copy of FIR or lost report filed with the police or any government authority.
  • Copy of application filed for a new passport with the Passport Seva Kendra or foreign passport issuing authority.
  • Original receipt of application fee for the new passport.
3) I have misplaced by passport. I kept it somewhere and I am not able to locate it. Can I claim reimbursement for the cost of getting a new passport?

No. Our lost & found services are applicable only in case of loss of passport at a public place, where there is a possibility for a Finder to find the passport and contact us for return. Our services do not apply in case you misplace your passport at home or your usual place of stay or have kept it somewhere and cannot find/ recall where you have last seen it. In such a situation, the reimbursement clause shall not apply.

4) What is the Passport Expiry Alert feature?

If you are planning to travel overseas and your passport is due to expire in less than a year, you may need to renew your passport. Some countries require that your passport has at least six months validity remaining after your intended departure from the country you are visiting. It is advisable to check with Embassies of the countries you are planning to visit for passport validity requirements.

Therefore, we send you an intimation 1 year before your passport is due to expire and send a reminder for the renewal time to time.

5) What is the RFID blocking feature in Passport Finder Case?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Devices. RFID feature is present in passports of some countries and some credit cards as wafer thin chips to help speed up transactions. These days identity theft via RFID readers is growing. A person with an RFID reader could attempt to steal your credit card number or personal information just walking by you. RFID blocking reduces the readers transmitted signal power, preventing the microchip in the RFID card working, this means your data remains safe.

The RFID Blocking feature in Passport Finder Case prevents stealing of personal Information from the Passport Finder Case. Information in the passport/ credit/ debit cards kept in the Passport Finder Case cannot be scanned by such electronic thieves.

6) How long does it typically take to find a lost passport?

Usually, passports are found within 3-4 hours of getting lost. However, since we rely solely on the finder to intimate about the lost passport, we cannot provide a timeline within which the passport may be returned.

7) My travel insurance covers loss of passport. How is your service different from an insurance policy?

Insurance gets triggered once the passport is declared lost. Insurance company, based on the specific policy, settles the claims made by the traveller. In case of tag8, the primary objective is to find the lost passport. For a traveller, getting lost passport back is the best case scenario that saves them from changing the travel plans, going through the hassle of getting a travel document from the Embassy that is required to travel back home and the overall mental agony. The lost passport also may have current visas. For several people a passport also has an emotional and sentimental attachment, reflecting the dates of the foreign travel made by the individual.

In addition, typically to claim travel insurance, customer needs to prove that he or she wasn’t negligent. In case of tag8, the reimbursement is subject to fulfilment of the stated condition, no questions asked. Also tag8 services are lifetime, while travel insurance policies correspond to either the specific travel or at best is on an annual plan.

tag8 works with several insurance companies to provide tag8 solutions to their customers, as a Value Added Service.